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ModuleBlocks: MBartist  

An agnostic ’all in one’ solution of business services, suppliers, partnerships and technology for the artist industry and separated into three tiers based on an individual artists’ or companies’ needs and skill set.



Ecommerce Website

Promote, Sell and Build your Audience

An editable online solution, that connects an artist’s work, social networking, appearances and offerings for fans to discover, follow their artistic journey and purchase their work.


Business Services

Connect, Delegate and Focus on Art

Services that connect an artist to professionals, suppliers and conventions that assist in brand building, product management and order fulfillment so an artist can focus on their artwork.


Business Solution

Configure, Streamline and Scale your Company

A modular solution for artist agencies and the business of art to automate and integrate their process and best practices into a single web portal and offer artists their own website.




Feature Highlights:

Sell Commissions
Gather details with open field attributes and
list options to match requirements with price.

Optional Product Attributes
Extra add-ons can be offered with products
for an added fee by group or individual.

Event Commission Status
Track your commission list and alert buyer
their position and when ready for pickup.

Event Pick-Up
Save shipping cost and allow customers to
pickup their online purchases at an event.

Track Orders
Manage and keep customers informed of their
order status with shipping tracking number.


Feature Highlights:

Artist Co-ordinator
Manage tasks, brainstorm ideas and
troubleshoot issues with a co-ordinator by
email or bi-weekly scheduled phone call.

Image File Archive
Submit artwork to be processed for print and
web and kept in Dropbox storage for future access.

Autograph Ticket & COA
Include an autograph ticket / COA for
each artwork product sold online to be
redeemed at a future event.

Artist Monthly Royalty
Relieve yourself from paying bills and
balancing bank accounts in favor of
receiving a monthly royalty payment.


Feature Highlights:

Supplier Network Access
Gain access to our network of printers,
suppliers, content builders and more to
build your following and product catalog

Internal Artist Catalogs
Your personal connection to the ‘Supplier
Network’ with preferred pricing to order
product and support services.

On Demand Services
Connect partners to maintain, receive
and fulfill your one-off product orders
without having any inventory.

Artist as Partner
Maintain, receive and fulfill product that
you create (original art, commissions) or
have stock of (left over prints, art books).


Feature Highlights:

Organizer Recognition
Opportunity to elevate your involvement
with the promoter and be offered
potential flight, hotel and table comps.

Premium Location
Located in a high traffic area among
convention ‘pro’ section, get increased
exposure and found with the MBartist section.

Alley Shop Representation
Generate revenue even if your not at the
event, by having your artwork products
available at our MBartist Alley Shop.

Marketing Push
Increase your appearance exposure as your
name and art will be included in event print,
web, email and social networking advertising.

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