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Websites Built for Artists, Designed for Your Brand

Our ModuleBlocks CMS platform combines traditional ecommerce website with social networking integration, commission orders, event
pre-sales and pick-up. It also provides reporting on sales and analytics while keeping customers informed of order status in real time.
Websites built for artists to build a following into customers as they follow your artistic journey.


Build your Brand
Stand out from the crowd with a unique logo
and colour scheme that fits your artistic style.


Tell your Story
Create unlimited pages and content in any order,
grouped or on its own on the navigation bar.


Search Engine Optimization
Get found using key words and phrases by populating
each pages slug, page title and meta tag description.


Google Analytics
Track website traffic, user activity and data statistics
by plugging in your Google Analytics credentials.


Create Call to Actions
Get creative with rotating banners as a static
or animated tool to promote current happenings.


Integrate your Social Networking
Entice new followers and keep fans current with
your latest Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts.


Showcase your Art
Build your portfolio or enhance the page content
by adding a gallery of images that can be enlarged.

Showcase your Talent
Post real-time art, tutorials, media interviews
and more with video and YouTube links.


Feature Product and Commissions
Pull items into created pages as a featured category
or enhance the subject matter to lead to a sale.


Play in Draft Mode
Experiment, create and edit new content and
never worry about pushing live until you are ready.


Access Privileges
Control who has permission to edit the administration,
dashboard and website with unlimited admin accounts.


User Profiles
Allow customers to edit their account and address
book and view their order and email history.


Customize Email Alerts
Personalize content from email alerts that get
sent from your website from standard default text.


System Support
Need some help? Something not working right?
all or create a ticket to receive assistance.


Showcase Events
From comic cons to store appearances,
promote to your audience where you will be.

Share your Schedule
What, when, where. Keep fans informed with
signings, sketching, panels and even lunch.

Associate Product
Feature available product and commissions
for pre-sale or in-attendance purchasing.

Pre-Sale Purchasing
Identify whats hot leading into an event
to help decide what inventory to stock.

In-Attendance Purchasing
Accept online purchases at your table
and track event sales and inventory.

Event Inventory Tracking
Allocate quantity of in-stock inventory available
for events and adjust manually offline sales (cash).

Event Commission Status
Track your commission list and alert customers
their position and when it’s ready for pickup.

Event Pick-Up
Save shipping cost and allow customers to
pickup their online purchases at an event.

Event Reporting
Generate a report for each or all events
to review and analyze your success.

online store

Domestic or International
Add what countries, states and provinces can
become your customers and where is your market.


Product Quick Search
Group products by brand, character or studio and
add icons anywhere on your site to click and search.


Sell Commissions
Gather details with open field attributes and
list options to match requirements with price.


Sell Digital Art
Save shipping cost and send art and
commissions electronically after purchase.


Sell On-Demand Items
Offer product and prints that don’t require
inventory and is created after purchase.


Price SKU Variation
Attributes can be grouped into a single SKU price
or split into separate SKU pricing in a listing.


Optional Product Add-ons
Extra attributes can be offered with a product for
an added price and sorted by group or individual.


Plan Sales in Advance
Co-ordinate your marketing plan or holidays
and schedule when items go on sale and ends.


Inventory Tracking
Monitor stock levels, add and subtract inventory
and set low stock threshold and receive alerts.


Customer Support
Remotely add product to customer shopping carts
or checkout on the their behalf to complete a sale.

Customer Address Book
Save unlimited addresses for customer to ship to,
add instructions and be primary billing address.

Custom Tax Rates
Insert your company tax number and create and
update province / state taxes as needed.

Custom Shipping Rates
Create your own shipping structure with unlimited
options, group provinces / states and use any vendor.

PayPal Integration
Insert your PayPal supplied API credentials to
connect your account to your shopping cart.

Fulfillment Process
Enter each step of your order fulfillment process
from purchase completion to customer receipt.

Track Orders
Manage and keep customers informed of their
order status with shipping tracking number.

Track Shopping Carts
Monitor customer shopping activity and view
active, completed and abandoned carts.

Monitor and maintain sales, inventory, customers,
partners and reporting through your dashboard.

Performance Reports
Generate sales, product and user reports
to review and analyze your success.