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MBartistpro: Convention Partnership

As a MBartistpro level subscriber you will have the opportunity to select desired shows you wish to attend from our convention schedule with the following features:


Organizer Recognition
Opportunity to elevate your involvement with the promoter
and be offered potential flight, hotel and table comps.


Premium Location
Located in a high traffic area among the convention ‘pro’ section,
get increased exposure and found with the MBartist community.


Alley Shop Representation
Generate revenue even if your not at the event, by having
your artwork products available at our MBartist Alley Shop.

Marketing Push
Increase your appearance exposure as your name and art will be
included in event print, web, email and social networking advertising.


Show Exclusives
Create and co-ordinate artwork product exclusively for an event that
could be picked up by the promotor and elevated to official status.


Panel Opportunities
Increase awareness of your appearance through panel participation
from tutorials, too featured topics, to sketch duals and more.