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MBartistpro: Ecommerce Website & Business Services
Co-ordinate, Connect, Fulfill and Focus on Art

Support services that connects an artist to professionals that can assist in brand building, product management and order fulfillment so an artist can focus on creating their artwork.


Artist Co-ordinator
Manage tasks, brainstorm ideas and troubleshoot issues
with a co-ordinator by email or weekly scheduled phone call.

Graphic Design
Focus on your artwork and delegate web graphics, marketing
material and product mock-up designing to our MBartist team.


Event Commissions
List your tier level convention rates and sketch samples
and link them to each event for pre-order for event pick-up.

Golden Tickets
Allow in-attendance customers to pay online with their
device anytime, anywhere for booth pick up at the event.

 online store

Multiple Catalogs
Strategically organize your product in multiple stores and how
customers can access them as public, signed-in or private.


Password Protected Catalogs
Create exclusive catalogs for premium or limited edition
products that can only be accessed with a keyword.


Image File Archive
Submit artwork to be processed for print and web
and kept in Dropbox storage for future access.


Partner Network Access
Gain access to our network of printers, suppliers, content
builders and more to build your following and product catalog.


Add Preferred Partners
Add your own printers and suppliers to your ecommerce
platform or connect them with our partner network.

Internal Artist Catalogs
Your personal connection to the ‘Partner Network’ with
preferred pricing to order product and support services.


On Demand Services
Connect partners to maintain, receive and fulfill your
one-off product orders without having any inventory.


Autograph Ticket & Certificate of Authentication
Include an autograph ticket / COA for each artwork
product sold online to be redeemed at a future event.


Artist as Partner
Maintain, receive and fulfill product that you create (original art,
commissions) or have stock of (left over prints, art books).


Artist Monthly Royalty
Relieve yourself from paying bills and balancing bank
accounts in favour of receiving a monthly royalty payment.